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The charming city of Como and the magic of its lake have been told for centuries by poets 


One intriguing story is about Como’s breeze. In fact, Como’s lake has in the same location two different winds that blow in two opposite directions. These two opposing winds are Breva and Tivano. 


Inspired by these winds Bello & Preciso created two watch models similar but different from each other.


The city of Milano is the main source of inspiration for Bello & Preciso,


As the fashion capital of the world, Milano is the cosmopolitan city where everything can happen.


The center of Milano is surrounded by gates (porte).These gates were the point of access to the old city and today "milanesi",foreigners and tourists  use these ancient gates as a "randezvous"point.


The COHIBA line is inspired by the passion for the sophisticated and timeless world of signature cigars.


The handmade cigar is made of three parts:

TRIPA (the inside part)
CAPOTE (the part which glues the filling leaves)
CAPA ( the outside leaf which wraps together Tripa and Capa)


Inspired by this choreography and harmony of natural leaves bonded together, Bello & Preciso created a chronograph composed by three sectors.



The Vintage Tempo collection merges together past and present.


Ancient lines converging with modern lines makes the Vintage collection exquisitely unique

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